Hurricane Guide

It is never too early or too late to prepare for hurricane season. Please see the link below for an excellent guide on hurricane season and how to prepare.

View Here

Short Term Rental Scams

The South Bay HOA has been alerted by a fellow homeowner that they were the target of a rental scam in the Orlando area. Please be vigilant of unwanted guests trying to enter you or your neighbors properties.

These scams operate by creating fake rental listings – potentially of high end homes – on craigslist and other social media platforms using past real estate photos and public information from the tax and property appraiser offices.

What You Can do:

  • Post signage by your front door stating your home is not and will never be a rental
  • File a complaint with the state attorney or the IC3
  • Save all surveillance footage in case of further issues

More Resources:

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Coyote Sightings

Once again there have been reports of coyote sightings around the South Bay and Bay Hill areas – specifically Lost Cove and Cypress Cove.

Please be vigilant of small pets and children during evening, night, and morning hours as coyotes with a tolerance for humans can be dangerous.

For more resources on coyotes in Central Florida please visit the coyotes page on the Florida Fish & Wildlife website and also take a look at the FWC coyote sighting map for recent reports of coyotes in our area.

2021 Notices and Reminders for Our Community

As we enter 2021 your South Bay HOA board would like to wish all residents a Happy New Year.

The SBHOA board works around the clock to keep our community safe and well-maintained for all of our residents and their visitors.

We would like to outline some general notices and reminders for our wonderful residents below.

Off-Duty Sheriff Deputies

Our South Bay HOA dues do not just go towards keeping the community looking beautiful, they also support the off-duty Sheriff Deputies which keep our community safe during the morning through evening hours. Please give them a friendly wave when passing by and if you feel that they have not been present in your area of South Bay please contact the HOA with your concerns.

Tennis Courts

Due to COVID and the beautiful weather in Central Florida, our tennis courts have been experiencing a high volume of usage. Please remember that they are for residents only and that guests need to be accompanied by a resident. Any visitor using the courts without a resident will be asked to leave.

Walking Paths

There are no motorized or electric vehicles allowed on the walking paths or common areas in South Bay. Please be careful and courteous to others on the walking paths when using them. If you or your children choose to ride bicycles on the paths, please watch your speed and be vigilant of other patrons using the paths.

Common Grounds

Please contact the grounds committee with any concerns you may have about South Bay common areas by using our website If you see any areas in disrepair or that may need attention such as planters, trees, or fencing – please let the grounds committee know. We maintain all of these items as frequently as possible but residents who see these areas often may be able to let us know when items need to be taken care of directly.

HOA Meetings

We encourage residents to please attend any scheduled HOA meetings that they can in order to stay in touch with your HOA board and happenings around the community. Your SBHOA board feels that it’s important for residents to be involved and stay informed. We will continue virtual Zoom meetings in 2021 for all who wish to attend. Information is always updated on our website

We hope you have a wonderful year ahead and we look forward to keeping our community safe and beautiful at all times.

New Document Updates

Two new documents have been added to the website. One is a brand new document for the new exterior paint guidelines which were approved by the board and are to be used in 2018 and beyond. The other addition is an edited Architectural Review Board Planning Criteria document which now has included explicit watercraft verbiage regarding storage and parking.

Both items can be viewed on the Architectural Review Board page.

The welcome packet has also been updated.

Minutes have also been added for the April 2018 annual HOA meeting. If you are a homeowner and do not know the password please email Bert DelVillano, HOA President.

Dock Refurbishment

As of July 2017 the South Bay homeowner dock refurbishment has been completed and residents may begin to use the dock for recreational purposes.

South Bay HOA Email System

Dear fellow South Bay Resident,

South Bay HOA has been working to improve communication with our residents. Previously, we have used traditional and certified mail, our web site, some telephone calls, personal visits, and the “South Bay Alert” (neighborhood watch) email system that Judy Chandler has built and manages.

In an effort to streamline official communications, South Bay will be utilizing Constant Contact as our email platform for essential resident communications. Such emails will be from the Board or our committees and will be sent with a subject line of “SBHOA – (Subject)”. Emails may be sent primarily by me as President or Beth Blanton as Constant Contact Administrator. We will only send important notices – no one wants to have their email box filled with junk mail from their HOA.

Your privacy is extremely important to us. SBHOA will not provide your email to any outside entity. You gave your email address to us for use by the Board, committees, or South Bay Alerts. If you choose, you may opt out of receiving future emails from SBHOA by clicking below.

As a final component for facilitating communications between the Board and homeowners, we are asking you to provide your home and cellular telephone numbers. As with your email address, the telephone numbers will only be used for important communications from the Board and committees and will not be given to outside agencies. Access to telephone numbers is important, especially for the ARB. Many HOA issues can be resolved simply with a single phone call, reducing the time consuming process of sending notices by mail. Please provide your home and cellular numbers by return email.

Your Board and committees are looking forward to providing our homeowners with timely and important material using the new email system.

Bert Del Villano



Coyotes Amongst Us

Coyotes are usually wary of people and will avoid us whenever possible. Bold behavior is unusual and is most often a result of habituation due to intentional or unintentional feeding, the presence of a dog, or the coyote defending a den and young. If you encounter a coyote, please read this PDF.