Homeowner Guide

ESTOPPEL REQUESTS:  Please send estoppel requests to our accountant, with copies to the ARB Chair and President, as below:

WATER RESTRICTIONS:  Please remember we are under still water restrictions. Set your irrigation system to provide “just enough” water to keep your yards and plantings healthy.

CONTACT INFORMATION:  South Bay asks that you provide the Board your email and telephone contact information.  We will only use this information for official SBHOA business and we will not share the data with any outside entities.  If you have not already done so, please send your email address and telephone number to the president.


  • Tuesday: Garbage
  • Tuesday: Recycle
  • Wednesday: Yard Waste
  • Place roll carts at the curb by 6:00 AM on the day of pickup, and return them to a place out of view promptly after collection, but no later than 6:00 PM.
  • Close the lids, and place the roll cart so the handles face your home (turned away from the street).
  • Have at least 3 feet of clearance around the cart.
  • Place carts on the opposite side of the mailbox, away from parked cars and low-hanging tree limbs.
  • Use your old trash cans for yard waste which will continue to be collected manually.

Call the Solid Waste Hotline at 407-836-6601 if you have additional questions.  If you would like a “one-time” roll cart size change from 95 gallons (what was delivered) to a 65 gallon can (approximately 2″ shorter), call the hotline to add your name to the change request list.

Important Note:  Roll cart changes will incur a charge equivalent to the cost of the cart.

ALLIGATORS:  Recently, a large alligator was observed in the pond at Lost Cove and was removed by Orange County.  If you see an alligator over 4 feet in length and you feel it may be a nuisance, please contact the Nuisance alligator hot Line at 866-FWC-GATOR (866-392-4286).

NOISE:  South Bay is a quiet neighborhood.  However, occasionally loud noise from a party, a car, or a barking dog may become an issue for a homeowner.  If such noise becomes a problem, please contact Orange County Sheriff at 407-836-HELP.  A deputy will be dispatched to issue a citation to the offender.

GARAGE SALES:  Orange County regulates garage sales.  If you are planning such a sale, please review the regulations by clicking here.

Garage, estate and certain other sales may be held for no more than 48 hours and no more frequently than every 6 months.  A permit from Orange County is required.  You may post only 1 sign advertising the sale.  Please be sure that you limit parking so that roadways are not obstructed.   Be considerate of your neighbors.

ONGOING IMPROVEMENTS:  Our Board has worked diligently to maintain South Bay as one of the premier addresses in all of Orlando. The community is making substantial investments in correcting several areas of deferred maintenance. New signs have been installed at all entrances to the subdivision. Sidewalks and tennis courts have been updated. Retention ponds are being maintained, as required by local governments. Our tree canopy has been assessed by a certified arborist and we have trimmed the majority of the trees to extend their useful life.

DOGGIE STATIONS:  The Board installed new “Doggie Stations” along the walkways. We have noticed that the vast majority of home owners are responsible and are using the stations to dispose of their pets’ waste. Unfortunately, a small number of dog owners still allow their animals to foul the grass and do not clean up after them.

ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW BOARD:  South Bay has a very active architectural review board that will work with you on any physical changes to the exterior of your property. The ARB will work with you in a collegial and collaborative way to assure that you are able to upgrade/maintain your property to the community’s high standards. All residents are required by our Covenants and Restrictions to get approval for painting, landscaping and additions to homes. If you are contemplating such changes, contact our ARB team. They will work with you so that your requests are handled in a timely and professional manner. Pre-approval saves everyone time and money.

SAFETY:  South Bay is a very safe community with a very low crime rate. However, we rarely see crimes of opportunity, generally involving petty theft from unlocked cars or open garages. Please take care to keep your cars locked and your garage doors closed. Also, please report strangers to the Orlando Sheriff Department using 407-629-8400, or to our patrol officers using 407-765-0066.

BOARD MEETINGS:  The Board invites all home owners to attend our meetings and to comment as the first agenda item. Dates are announced on a sign posted on South Bay Blvd. about 48 hours before the meetings.