Reminder: South Bay & Orange Country Tree Ordinances

South Bay is located in Orange County, FL which requires homeowners to follow zoning ordinances regarding trees on their property as well as the South Bay HOA common grounds.

The beauty and value of your home and our neighborhood depend on these large trees in our area.

The South Bay HOA urges all homeowners to replant Orange County approved recommended stock list trees as shown below if their lot does not adhere to the approved recommended minimum tree limit for square footage OR when a homeowner removes a tree due to age, disease or hazard which is also listed below.

All information is located here on the South Bay website.

New Document Updates

Two new documents have been added to the website. One is a brand new document for the new exterior paint guidelines which were approved by the board and are to be used in 2018 and beyond. The other addition is an edited Architectural Review Board Planning Criteria document which now has included explicit watercraft verbiage regarding storage and parking.

Both items can be viewed on the Architectural Review Board page.

The welcome packet has also been updated.

Minutes have also been added for the April 2018 annual HOA meeting. If you are a homeowner and do not know the password please email Bert DelVillano, HOA President.