Coyote Sightings

Once again there have been reports of coyote sightings around the South Bay and Bay Hill areas – specifically Lost Cove and Cypress Cove.

Please be vigilant of small pets and children during evening, night, and morning hours as coyotes with a tolerance for humans can be dangerous.

For more resources on coyotes in Central Florida please visit the coyotes page on the Florida Fish & Wildlife website and also take a look at the FWC coyote sighting map for recent reports of coyotes in our area.

Coyotes Amongst Us

Coyotes are usually wary of people and will avoid us whenever possible. Bold behavior is unusual and is most often a result of habituation due to intentional or unintentional feeding, the presence of a dog, or the coyote defending a den and young. If you encounter a coyote, please read this PDF.