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Important Information

The South Bay HOA governing documents, which were originally recorded in 1988 and earlier, were re-recorded by Orange County on June 20, 2017 and are referenced below.

We have transcribed two of the recorded 2017 Documents to provide homeowners with a more legible, searchable, and more convenient document for their reference.  Additional documents will be transcribed soon.  These transcriptions are not a substitute for the full, recorded copy of the revitalized governing documents, a complete copy of which is archived herein, and which is also available at the Orange County Comptroller web site.  The first 2 transcribed Documents are below:

The re-recorded original Documents are on the Orange County Comptroller web site:

The following documents have yet not been transcribed and are available below as re-recorded on June 20, 2017.  The re-recorded documents are also published on the Orange County Comptroller web site, document #  20170342181.