Architectural Review Board

Thinking of making changes or improvements to your property? Please contact one of our Architectural Board members in writing through regular mail or email with a brief description of your plans before work starts. All such changes must have written approval from the ARB. If you fail to follow our guidelines, you may have to redo your project. Examples of changes or improvements are: outside painting, landscaping, new construction, new or changed fences or walls, and new or improved driveways.

Please review the  Architectural Review Board Planning Criteria (Rev. 10/18/2018) and submit you plans on the ARB Application Form.

ARB Updates

2020 – The dog leash policy has been revised – View it here

2018 – A homeowner mailbox policy has been established for 2018 (Effective September 18, 2018) and beyond which can be viewed here.

2018 – A home exterior paint policy has been established for 2018 and beyond which can be viewed here.

ARB Board

Anne Del Villano, Chair
Joy Maggio, Committee Member
Bill Weinberg, Committee Member